What is Joomla?

Joomla is one of the leading and most popular content management systems available. It can be developed and tailored for different kinds of web sites and suits small web sites as well as large portals with several language options.

How does Joomla work?

A web site based on Joomla is always built on a template that we design separately for each customer. The template controls the graphics and layout i.e. location of different kinds of articles, menus and modules on the site.

When the template is in place all the information – both contents and menu structure – is fed directly into the system through an ordinary web browser. Adding new contents as well as updating old contents and managing the extensions is easily done on from any Internet connected computer. If the site graphics and layout needs to be redesigned, the template can be changed without any content or navigational structure being lost.

Joomla has a user management system that allows you to configure what the different users are allowed to access, edit, publish and administrate. This allows larger organizations to distribute responsibility for different parts of the web site among its staff.

What can Joomla do?

Joomla can easily be expanded with different extensions and special features. In addition to developing our own tailored extensions for our customers, we make use of and and adapt the freely avialable extensions from the Joomla Community, ranging from e-commerce and community applications to photo galleries and basic comments functionality.

Thanks to the large amount of available extensions, Joomla is suitable for all kinds of sites from simple personal home page and blogs to large portals and demanding corporate applications.